Texas Wine & Food Fest 2010 Sunday Fair

This year was the first I’ve attended any part of the Texas Wine & Food Fest. Thanks to Retro Bizzaro for giving me a ticket!

TX Wine & Food Festival

The Sunday Fair is an outdoor (in tents) event that has tons of food and wine vendors for you to try out. Unlike some of the other events it’s pretty casual and the ticket price makes it one of the more popular events. We arrived early and were able to leave by 3, which apparently was a good thing – according to friends, most of the food booths had run out soon after.

I don’t really know much about wine so it’s always good to test some out for free. However it was hard to keep track of them all. We think that next year there should be a checkoff sheet or something to make notes. Also next year I’m going to have one of those fancy wine glass appetizer plates. It’s hard to juggle a lot of samples, which I should have learned at Foodbuzz Fest!

Salad by Whole Foods
This was my favorite food item: Chilled Lamb Salad prepared by Whole Foods, featuring pea shoots and shiitake mushrooms

Delysia Chocolates
Delysia Chocolates

Wimberly Valley wines
Wimberly Valley Wines

Red pepper spread, chard, mozzarella

Rum cake
Cayman Islands Rum Cake

Cake Balls
Lovely Cherry Almond Cake Balls

Kellie's Kandies & Cookies
Adorable spiced sugar cookies from Kellie’s Kandies & Cookies

Mocha Crunch
Mocha Crunch from Wiseman Chocolates

Strawberries Romanoff
Strawberries Romanoff from La Madeleine

Cheese and salami from Spec’s – they also had pasta salad and two sandwiches

Chocolate Burbon Bites
Chocolate Burbon Bites by Blue Note Bakery – my other favorite item at the festival!

Next year I plan on going to more festival events, but this was a nice dip into things. I’m also happy that I did find a few wines and food companies I plan on looking up in the future.


  1. says

    Dang…your photos are making me want to get a real camera!

    Wish we’d had a chance to hang out more, but it was good to see you, however, briefly!


    Megan Reply:

    @Optimista, Thanks! It’s hard to juggle a wine glass, bag of stuff, plate of food, and take photos… I wish I had gotten more but it was rough in the trenches! I’m glad I saw you too – maybe we can hang out a little during strawberry picking.



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