Birthdays sure are a whole lot easier when you’re younger. You don’t really have to worry about too much more than making sure the cake makes it to your mouth. That’s pretty awesome.


Christmas and my 2nd birthday, respectively. I see you Big Bird, and you better get outta my chocolate-lovin’ way. I’m also pretty sure every food blogger I know has a photo of themselves with their toy kitchen. It’s required.

1985 (?)

For a while I abandoned cooking to haul my cat around. She rewarded me by sleeping on my head and making a rat’s nest of my hair. My current cat does this as well. Jerks.

1987 ?

Also required? Obligatory photos with Santa. Having your child sit on the lap of a complete stranger dressed in costume is weird, people! Yes, I am visibly terrified. And how old is this Santa, anyway? Don’t you need at least a couple wrinkles to get the job?

Moving on…

Ireland 1995

Ireland, 1995, right before I dyed my hair with red henna. PSA kids: red henna turns light blond hair copper. That won’t go away. For 2 years. Until your hair is long enough again to cut it all off. I’m also rocking the braces. Be happy I’m sparing you my 5th grade photo, which features the braces AND an atrocious spiral perm. There have been some hair tragedies on my head.

Homecoming 1995

1995 again. I’ll just go ahead and say I’ve spent far too much time inside a TGI Friday’s for someone who has never worked there. I’ll also say to Matt, wherever you are, thank you for humoring a bunch of dorky high school girls for multiple months. I hope we never stiffed you on the tip.


Jumping ahead … engagement photos wherein I look tragically pale. I’m glad we only paid the photographer in beer. Also, thank goodness my husband no longer has that haircut. Whew.


Run run run. Everyone should run in their wedding dress. For real.


Also, everyone should have friends they have known for-freakin-ever. I love you girls! Let’s go play Unicorns in my backyard.


And one of these. Definitely get one of these. But, yanno … your own.


Of course, these days my own birthday doesn’t matter as much any more.

080.365, monkey on my back

But that’s OK.

Reese's 2nd Birthday

There’s still lots of chocolate frosting to eat.


  1. Merrie says

    Happy Happy Birthday, Megan! I wish I could be there tonight, but I will definitely be there in spirit. :) By the way, my 30s have been amazing. I hope you experience this too!




  2. Kat says

    Happy birthday, Megan! I love this post! Such great photos. Such great memories.

    Have a fantastic day!


  3. says

    Wow. You have a beautiful life! Hi I just wanted to take a moment and say hello! We’ll be meeting at “Camp” on Friday. My name is GREG and I am Sippity Sup!



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