Weekly Meal Plan, March 10

Well, hello there.

Last week I took an inadvertent break from the blog to sort of mentally regroup (and binge on House of Cards). This winter has been kind of weird in Texas, and after my sprouting garden got pummeled by the last round of cold, I just needed a break. But thankfully, now it’s Daylight Savings Time as well as spring break, so things are a little, well, brighter around here.


This weekend we also did a bit of cleaning and organizing, creating a “data center” bookshelf in the office for school papers, mail, and more, as well as building a wheeled shelving unit that will now serve as my photography cart. The cart is really exciting for me, considering my photos lately had been taken on a piece of drywall set on an ottoman on top of an under-bed storage box. Now my linens and props are all in one place, and I can wheel the cart in front of the window for photos, or back to the corner for storage.

With life literally more organized, I think things will be back into the right swing again.

Here’s this week’s menu! Since I’ve been doing so many recipe roundups for my job, I’m taking inspiration from Whole Foods Market and using a few of their recipes this week.

Monday: Roasted Salmon and Asparagus

Tuesday: Mango-Quinoa Salad

Wednesday: Chorizo and Purple Hull Peas

Thursday: Brown Rice with Chicken and Broccoli

Friday: Lentil Sloppy Joes

Saturday: Homemade pizza

Sunday: MilkBraised Pork Brisket

I’m excited about the pork brisket, which I’ve never had before. I picked it up at the butcher shop on a whim – the butcher was so enthusiastic about it that I figured I couldn’t turn back. Saturday I’m heading to Rachael Ray’s annual SXSW party at Stubb’s, so I’m sure I won’t want to make anything too hard after being in that huge crowd for hours. Luckily pizza dough is easy and everyone can help with the toppings.

What are you making this week?


  1. Taylor says

    I was searching for a meat butcher shop that sells (uncooked) pork brisket and your post came up on google haha. Where in Austin did you buy the pork brisket? I need some for tomorrow.


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