8 Years

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I just got back from (finally!) seeing Julie & Julia. I will probably have more thoughts about the movie after I’ve slept, considering writing a blog post doesn’t always work when you’re at the point between extremely tired and hyped up beyond belief. So just a couple things for now.

1) Julie Powell doesn’t come across nearly as whiny as many of the reviews I’ve read have made her out to be in the film. Aside from my issues with Amy Adams’s haircut, I thought Julie was portrayed in a very realistic way. I’ve certainly had breakdowns over less things than she did. Even if you love cooking it can be a pain in the ass sometimes.

2) That being said, I wanted to see more of Julia and less of Julie. Partially because Meryl Streep was fantastic, but also because Julia Child’s story is just so much more interesting. She worked on that cookbook for eight years. I don’t think I’ve done anything for eight years. Julie Powell’s project is still cool, but maybe I know of too many bloggers getting famous these days to really be invested in her story, as much as I can relate to the food blogginess.

I really enjoyed the movie overall. Anyone who loves food should see it.

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