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If you live in Austin (and aren’t lactose intolerant) you need to get yourself over to Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in Hyde Park.


Antonelli’s, nestled in between Hyde Park Grill and Dolce Vita, is small, but they make up for their size in enthusiasm and knowledge of cheese. John and Kendall Antonelli and Kelly Sheehan are ready to talk your ear off about cheese, and make sure you taste as much of it as possible. I actually felt a bit guilty that I only tasted a few of the cheeses due to time, but I vow to do better next time. Especially after Kendall and I shared a bit of love about Cowgirl Creamery, whom Kendall called one of their mentors.


They also sell olives, chocolate, salami, crackers – pretty much anything you need to throw an amazing cheese party is available right here. Although I won’t blame you if you keep all your purchases to yourself.

I was so excited to be in the shop that I completely forgot I was supposed to get gorgonzola and came away with gruyere instead – a delicious mistake! I also picked up a small piece of ossau-iraty, a fanastic sheep’s milk cheese that I’ve been snacking on this week, and a few Askinoise Nibble Bars in varying levels of dark chocolate that they conveniently have right on the checkout counter. Who can resist that?

I’ll definitely be back to Antonelli’s soon. Especially since I found out they have guanciale. Can I blame them for my impending weight gain?

Antonelli’s Cheese Shop
4220 Duval St, Austin


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