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I have to admit Thanksgiving snuck up on me.

I know, it sounds weird when you consider Turkey Day is the same day every year, but when you head out of town for two weekends in November, plus have a novel to write, you skip most of the ten thousand ads for turkeys and Black Friday. I have to admit I like it that way, especially because even though I lost the battle on not getting a whole turkey this year (as I do every year), I don’t actually have to cook it. My husband loves turkey and therefore is the designated roaster, while I can sit back and do the “easy” work of the sides and dessert.

What’s on your menu for the day? Here’s ours:

I prefer to have a good breakfast and then the turkey dinner actually at dinnertime, with snacks in between as needed.

Bacon Waffles
Coffee, milk

Snack plate
Baked brie en croute with spicy pepper jam
Red pepper hummus
Whole grain baguette

Roasted turkey
Chorizo-cornbread stuffing
Chard or kale (dependent on the CSA box today)
Roasted eggplant, tomato, peppers, and garlic (dependent on CSA box)
Steamed green beans
Biscuits with honey butter
Sweet Potato Pie
2007 Le Cigare Blanc

Pie, sliced


    1. @Mardi, of course you can come over any time!

      I actually ended up cutting out two sides, half the snacks, and dessert was an easy pumpkin pie instead of sweet potato. And it’s only 7:30 and the leftovers are all packaged and put away, and most of the cleaning up is done too! Hurrah!

  1. Bacon waffles, oh my!

    I see you ended up making pumpkin pie instead of sweet potato pie, but I still wanted to say that I’ve always wanted to try making sweet potato pie. I’ve never even had it before! It sounds so good.

    1. I think I had sweet potato pie in the dorm of all places (for MLK day special meal) but I don’t really remember how it tasted. I really wanted to make it but our sweet potatoes were bad by the time I got to them 🙁

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