Greenhouse Craft Food: Hidden Gem

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Greenhouse Craft Food is a hidden gem in a world of chain-restaurant coal.

Living in suburbia can mean our dining-out choices are limited to a drive through or chain monotony. Locally owned, non-chain restaurants aren’t very common in our neck of the woods, so when one pops up, we seek it out.

Hidden among industrial warehouses on a winding road, Greenhouse Craft Food is situated in the center of a strip mall like an oasis. I knew that they sourced from local farmers, but it’s a nice reminder when you see the large list of suppliers prominently displayed on the wall in the dining room. The restaurant has a casual cafe feel, but features rustic touches to help bring the idea of “craft” home.

My son and I were there for brunch on a Saturday, so we had to snatch up an order of their beignets. Only a few places in the Austin area serve up these New Orleans-style doughnuts, and I loved that at Greenhouse they’re served with jam or honey.

True to the idea of sourcing locally, the special that day featured goat — so hot right now — in the form of an omelet with goat cheese as well as goat sausage. Served with spiced home fries on the side, it was a filling and flavorful breakfast.

My son also enjoyed his breakfast taco and as soon as we got home told my husband that he absolutely has to go eat there. Now, when you win over a 7-year-old and his mom, you’ve probably got some level of success on your hands.

Last weekend I also got to see their chef in action at a preliminary round Citywide 86’d competition, and while he didn’t win, I was impressed by his dishes. I’m looking forward to returning and trying more from this team!

Greenhouse Craft Food
1400 East Old Settlers Blvd
Round Rock

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