Month of Meals: Chicken Stir-fry

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Month of Meals: Chicken Stirfry

We were supposed to have cashew chicken but I forgot the cashews at my office, so I improvised and just threw in whatever vegetables we had with the chicken and sauce. I’m a sucker for cookbooks and I pulled this one out of the Williams-Sonoma Fast Asian cookbook that I snagged at Barnes & Noble for $7. Since we love Asian food around here, it should come in handy. It had a basic, non-spicy sauce, which made it easy to get the kid to eat (although he seems to like the spicy as well).

Again, not sure on cost. I’d say $1.50 on the chicken, and maybe another $0.50 for the carrots, onion, frozen broccoli, rice, and sauce ingredients. So $2.00 total for two adults and a toddler.

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