Month of Meals: Lamb

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vday dinner

For Valentine’s Day instead of going out I made a “fancy” dinner at home. As in, we put the kid to bed, opened a bottle of wine, and ate later. OK, I also made foods we don’t normally have. I saw a recipe for lamb in Cooking Light a while back and I wanted an excuse to try it. This was pretty good, although next time I’ll see about grinding up the spices or something. I need to get a small mill for this, as the mortar and pestle doesn’t really do much for seeds except make a mess on my counter.

Rosemary, garlic, fennel, salt, pepper on the outside of the lamb. Served with fan potatoes, spinach salad, bread, and Menage a Trois white wine.

This was a very spendy meal, but considering the amount we would have spent on a dinner out, it was worth it.

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