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Remember when, last month, I was whining about wanting to go to San Francisco for two different events on two different weekends?

Somehow, I get to go.

Right now I’m reading The Alchemist, and the timing couldn’t be better. I don’t want to give anything away because it’s a great book (and short) but it’s about destiny and omens. It could be sappy, but finding out about the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival seemed like an omen to me. The kind of omen that says, “Hey, knucklehead, what’s stopping you from being the next Julie Powell?

Not that I want to be the next Julie Powell, but it is a phrase one of my coworkers keeps saying whenever I discuss blogging and food. It is interesting that I’m now the same age she was when she began her project: 29. I’m not sure how much I believe in astrology, but apparently there is something called SATURN that makes the years surrounding your 30th ones of huge change and shifts in life directions. “Year of the Pig Eye,” one friend calls it. She’s making herself do things she wouldn’t normally do, like take an improv class and join an karaoke team.

I’m being a little more low-key in my own challenges, but things are shifting a bit in my world. If you read this blog on the site directly, you might have noticed a few new links. In the past month I’ve joined FoodBuzz, The Daring Kitchen, and the Foodie Blogroll. I’ve added more blogs and Twitter feeds to my radar and found myself followed by other food writers I greatly admire. I’m hoping I won’t lose steam like I have with my fiction writing, but cooking is so ingrained into my life that it’s hard to see that being my future. I know I’m meant to be a writer in some capacity. After all, that is the one goal I’ve had since I was 7 years old. Everything I do seems to keep pushing me along that path.

But I don’t know exactly what that future is. I didn’t have a mystical dream like the sheepherder in The Alchemist, nor a king to give me advice. But I can listen to my heart and hope it tells me what it needs.

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