Hi there! Welcome to Stetted. Most of what you’ll find here are recipes and chatter about food, but I also like to talk about life in general.

Megan Making Pie

My name is Megan Myers. I live with my husband, sons, and two cats in Austin, Texas. I am a freelance writer, recipe developer, and copyeditor. When I’m not working or cooking I like to spend my time gardening, taking photos, catching up on my reading, or just hanging out with my friends and family at Austin’s great patios. I  also volunteer with the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, a group dedicated to fostering community among food bloggers, co-host food swaps with ATXSwappers, and am the assistant managing editor for Food Fanatic.

I’ve always been interested in cooking — when I was a kid I cut out those recipes printed in the Sunday coupon inserts to create my own recipe box — but as my children get older my focus has gone from not just cooking good food, but cooking good food that is healthy, free from unnatural chemicals, and doesn’t take a lot of time. I didn’t learn how to cook from a school or even from my grandmother or mother, but through trial and error, cookbook reading, and intuition. Even though our schedules are jam-packed, almost every night I prepare a fresh home-cooked meal. I’m in the process of editing our food back to the way it should be: wholesome, delicious, and unfussy.

What does “stetted” mean? It’s the past tense of “stet,” an editing term that means “to let stand.” In my journey through food (and life) I’ve been learning a lot about what I truly need and don’t need, and I’ve found a simple life without editing my decisions is what I thrive in.

Our meals are often based on our weekly findings at the farmer’s market and whatever the backyard garden is producing. You’re not going to see anything involving a can of “cream of” soup here. I focus on fresh ingredients and uncomplicated flavors, with spins that keep mealtime interesting. Real food is possible, even for busy moms like me.

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Photo by Well Cultivated