Myers FamilyHi there! Welcome to Stetted. Most of what you’ll find here are recipes and chatter about food, but I also like to talk about life in general.

My name is Megan Myers. I live with my husband, sons, and two cats in Austin, Texas. I am a freelance writer, recipe developer, and copyeditor. When I’m not working or cooking I like to spend my time gardening, taking photos, catching up on my reading, or just hanging out with my friends and family at Austin’s great patios. I am also the Byte of Texas Conference Chair for the Austin Food Blogger Alliance, a group dedicated to fostering community among food bloggers.

I’ve always been interested in cooking – when I was a kid I cut out those recipes printed in the Sunday coupon inserts to create my own recipe box – but as my children get older my focus has gone from not just cooking good food, but cooking good food that is healthy, unprocessed, and doesn’t take a lot of time. Even though our schedules are jam-packed, almost every night I prepare a fresh home-cooked meal. I’m in the process of editing our food back to the way it should be: wholesome, delicious, and grown locally.

What does “stetted” mean? It’s the past tense of “stet,” an editing term that means “to let stand.” In my journey through food (and life) I’ve been learning a lot about what I truly need and don’t need, and I’ve found a simple life without editing my decisions is what I thrive in.

Our meals are often based on our weekly findings at the farmer’s market and whatever the backyard garden is producing. You’re not going to see anything involving a can of “cream of” soup here. I focus on fresh ingredients and uncomplicated flavors. Real food is possible, even for busy moms like me.

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