Vampire Pickles

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Iā€™m not a pickle person. The vinegar usually is what throws me off and keeps me away. However, after I made and tasted the pickled asparagus I thought I might be willing to give regular pickles another shot.

It was perfect that the July Can Jam challenge was cucurbits. That is, cucumbers, squash, melons, and the like. As I was casting about for ideas, I was hit by inspiration. By Eclipse.

Pickles - Vampire Pickles
To be clear, I am not a fan of the Twilight series. It just so happened that the weekend I was set to make these was the same weekend I ended up supporting a friend in need and seeing Eclipse with her to cheer her up. Since I find the series really fitting the word ridonkulous, what better way to honor it than with a food that in general vampire canon would kill them?

Makes total sense.

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  1. Oh, Lord – you had me at… Vampire? šŸ˜‰
    My brain has been completely overtaken by True Blood lately, so it’s no wonder! Love a great garlicky pickle, though… thanks for the laughs!

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