Turkey Chilaquiles

Turkey chilaquiles are a quick and flavorful dinner option using precooked turkey breast.

Turkey Chilaquiles

I work from home, and a lot of people think that means I’m free to do whatever I want all day and have no trouble whipping together dinner on a daily basis. Ha.

Working from home means juggling three part-time jobs with varying deadlines, two of which involve recipe testing and photography. It means picking up the kids at different times, making sure the first does his homework and getting snacks for both. It means doing all the laundry all the time (seriously, I know it’s a mom cliche, but how the heck does laundry multiply so quickly?). It means holding on to the toddler while you make dinner, because he’s teething and feeling grumpy and needs a snuggle. (Don’t we all.)

Some days it’s just about making sure something makes it on the table, hopefully without having to run for takeout. Thank goodness for two things: leftover cooked turkey breast and my cast-iron skillet. Both things make cooking dinner a task that isn’t as painful as it appears from the outside, especially when the rest of the cooking is opening cans and jars and smashing chips in a most therapeutic way.

Chilaquiles are a dish that I’ve had often at restaurants, but I’ve recently been getting into making it at home too. Having grown up with my fair share of skillet meal dinners, chilaquiles are a natural cooking progression. Composed mostly of vegetables and meat, chilaquiles stand out with their spice and tortilla chips baked in. I know most people don’t consider using tortilla chips in their cooking, but I think it makes a great addition, like in this Chili Beef Pie.

Chilaquiles cook up in about 30 minutes, making it a great go-to on weeknights. If you don’t have turkey on hand, just swap in some leftover rotisserie chicken. Eggs are another great addition to this recipe, making it ideal for any meal of the day.

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