Peach Raspberry Pie

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It would seem that despite going to a baking immersion for three days I still have trouble with pie crust. Lesson noted for self, that when presented the chance to do empanadas or pie, you do pie, despite living in Texas and having empanadas being applicable to your diet.

I had trouble with my crust because I’m still paranoid about adding too much water, so I don’t add enough, and then my crust falls to bits as I’m trying to roll it out. I know it just comes down to making more pie, right?

Peach Raspberry Pie - Ingredients

The pie I made was almost exactly the one from Eating Well, so I’m not going to post the recipe. Raspberries for me are a no-brainer, and the peaches this year are just lovely. I’m sharing this pie with my co-workers tomorrow, as one of our team is moving away to be closer to her family. Luckily for us she’ll still be working with us, but she really brightens up the office. Kind of like how peaches and raspberries brighten up your day of eating.

Peach Raspberry Pie will brighten up your summer days.


A few pie tips I learned at Blog and Bake:

  • Cut in your butter in two steps. First blend half the butter into the flour until it is a cornmeal consistency. Then with the second half, just press it into large disks about the size of a dime. This will help with making a flaky yet tender crust.
  • Don’t roll your pin back and forth over the dough. Go in one direction and turn to make sure your dough is rolling evenly.
  • Stop rolling before you get to the edge to prevent cracking.

Also a tip I didn’t learn there, but something I always need to keep in mind: it’s just pie crust. (Even if you are trying to get it done before the light goes and you have to use iPhone photos in order to get a post up before the Pie Party is over, since your first attempt was nixed by a power outage.)


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  1. I love the combo of peaches and raspberries (I transported my raspberry bushes across four states when I moved because I love them so much!) How did you manage to not mush them? Did you use frozen or fresh? Also, I love the tip about doing the butter in two steps. I have the opposite problem when it comes to pie crust–I think it’s too dry and am a bit too generous with aqua. One day I’ll learn!

    1. @Kelly I used fresh raspberries and patted them dry before adding them to the peaches and mixing with sugar. I was surprised they didn’t get mushed, but they must have been just the right level of ripeness!

  2. Beautiful pie!

    I live in NM and have found that most pie crust recipes are developed for places where there is actually moisture in the air. Here, because it’s so dry, I can’t count on ambient humidity to help my pie crust, so I have to add more water. I’ve found that as long as I use plenty of flour when rolling out the crust, it generally works out very well. I know Austin’s not normally as dry as where I am, but perhaps that’s something to keep in mind when baking your next pie. Happy baking!

  3. Not letting the rolling pin go off the edge of the pie crust is how you stop pie crusts from cracking?! For real?! This qualifies as my “learned something new” thing for today. I can now go to bed and dream of making perfect pie crusts.

    1. @Steff Well, it’s how you get the edges to not crack/split. There’s a host of fixes for how to get the rest of it not to crack 😉

  4. The peach-raspberry combo is one of my absolute favorites! and yes…in the whole scope of things, it’s only pie crust 🙂