Kitchen Remodel: Coffee Bar

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I have certain priorities in life. The latest one was demanding that our new coffee bar area had to be finished before we tore apart the kitchen, because while we may be crazy to take on this project, there is is no way I am going to go through it without coffee access 24/7.

Cream and sugar

I don’t have a “before” image of the area, but it included an awful 4-bulb light that came with the house, and the small round table that was our very first dining table. We don’t actually need that table, because we have a bigger one in another part of the great room, but the proximity to the kitchen and huge patio window made it the easiest place to take photos and then eat. However, the table also was in the way of the patio door and our the master bedroom door, so it was only a matter of time before I went crazy and flung it out the door.

The light is my favorite part of the room right now – it was more than I normally would spend for a light, but in my 30’s I’m finally realizing that choosing more expensive items I love over cheaper so-so items is the way to go.

Kitchen Remodel: Coffee Bar

For the coffee bar itself, finding the right piece was harder than I thought it would be. It ended up being the last bit of the design, but once I saw this sideboard I knew it was exactly what I wanted. It has quite a bit of storage but isn’t bulky. The top drawer holds K-cup packs, while the bottom drawer has reusable coffee pods and filters for the Chemex.

coffee bar

Combined with some wall color left over from our move-in painting, it makes for a cheery place to grab a cup of coffee or tea.

coffee bar

And yes, we have multiple coffee makers. Don’t you?

Item details:

Paint: Behr “Realm”
Pendant lamp, wall hanging, and metal tray: red (Fredericksburg, Texas)
Sideboard: “Ronan”, Pier1
Creamer and sugar set: Vintage “Jackstraws” pattern, Uncommon Objects (Austin)
White mugs (inside cabinet): Crate & Barrel (discontinued)
Blue mug: Jonathan Adler

Do you have a special area of your kitchen for coffee? I’d love to see it!


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  1. I love the wall color- the layout- the lamp-the bar and especially the way the light comes in and greets you with that morning cup of joe! I have a small bar not as fancy as this but you have inspired me to make a bigger one especially for my house guests coming in for sxsw Thanks. PS> I own 3 coffee makers 🙂

  2. This is awesome! I plan to eventually have a little nook like this. For now, my “espresso station” is just a part of our kitchen counter. I’ll send a pic later.

  3. Ok. Love the paint! Also, forget food blogging. You’re calling is design blogging. I now want to redo a spot just for my hot chocolate!

    I can hardly wait to see the kitchen redesign.

    1. @robynski Thank you so much! I love design blogs but I don’t do enough stuff to sustain anything longer than 10 posts 😉

  4. if this is a taste of how your kitchen remodel is going to come together, then it’s going to be stunning! I love everything about your coffee corner – and now I’m jonesing for one of my own. Great pick on the lamp.

  5. This is absolutely gorgeous! We have a small buffet being delivered sometime in the next year (backordered going on four months) and I would have never thought about using it as a coffee bar. I’m suddently dreaming of all the extra counter space it would free up…

  6. Love this…mostly because the house I’m selling has a built in bar (that I made!) in the kitchen and I use it for coffee and/or cocktails and I’m verklempt I can’t take it with me!

    Shows I can structure something without a pantry space…seriously needed that.

    1. @Casey Awesome! We only have this wall and a wall in our office painted teal, but I love the color. I just need to find a good complementary color for teal and spring green (accent wall by the dining table) when we (eventually) paint the rest of the great room!